Friends of Starkweather Creek is a volunteer organization of citizen stewards, advocates, explorers and educators seeking to serve and honor both people and place in soul-serving synergy (with all stakeholders… in and out of the watershed). The 24 square mile Starkweather watershed covers half the east side of Madison (map). Its many wetlands, springs, meandering streams and teeming wildlife were critical components to cleanse and balance the eco-system. Urbanization and low awareness filled and drained the wetlands, straightened and polluted the channels and replaced native species of plants and wildlife with aggressive and unbalanced invasives, especially humans.

In 2003, a passionate group of courageous citizens formed friends of Starkweather Creek (bylaws) …to revitalize this severely abused watershed. In 2006, the UW Nelson Institute published this extensive study of the watershed. By 2019, the watershed and stakeholder synergy reached truly inspiring levels…this annual meeting presentation.

The Friends now explore win/win ways to transform people and place problems into stunning synergy and serendipity… as an antidote to Nature Deficit Disorder (and anything else that ails people or place).

If you wish to co-create this exciting adventure, write info@starkweatherfriends.org or join as a member

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