New Volunteer Growers Network to Help Restore Watershed

The Friends of Starkweather Creek (FSC) is encouraging those that are interested to sign-up for their new Volunteer Growers Network. If you love growing plants from seed or want to learn how, now is your chance. No previous experience is necessary and all materials are provided! 

FSC volunteers are currently collecting seeds from remnant wetlands and sedge meadows in the Madison area. Once seed collection is completed this fall, FSC will mail you seed packets of species desired for restorations along Starkweather Creek along with instructions on how to best care for them until the young plants are large enough the following year to be transferred to their new home. Space requirements are also minimal. A little shelf space in an unheated garage or an empty corner in your garden or cold frame and can provide some protection from rodents is all that is necessary. 

Interested? Email the FSC Volunteer Growers Network Coordinator at with your name and mailing address to sign-up.  

This is a great opportunity to study valuable seed growing techniques, learn a new hobby, and give back to our watershed.