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Paddling on Starkweather Creek is a radically different experience than walking the banks. Even long-time land explorers of the watershed are amazed by the wildness… the wilderness creates by being on the water… the banks embrace this feeling… by showing no evidence of buildings and people… the abundance of birds, turtles, fish, vibrant colors and plant life, shape one’s experience.

Unexpected echos and visual & other audio delights are highlighted by the man-made bridges… inner children love their echoing voices as they shout out!

Best paddling is in the spring or after rains; these tend to help raise and cleanse the creek.

The best put-ins are at the public boat ramp on east side of the creek, just north of Atwood Av.

Come out and join us for canoe days, and guided tours. Check out our events page or for more information on guided tours, or contact us if you want more information.

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