Membership & donations

You are invited to join a group of community-minded people whose dedication supports efforts to connect and educate people to enjoy and revitalize Starkweather Creek.  When you accept this invitation to become a member, you are supporting an organization that has been a respected advocate for Starkweather Creek since 2006. Your membership will help Friends of Starkweather Creek continue to be the community’s voice to protect the creek from development pressures, runoff pollution, and invasive species.

Please fill out the following form and make a donation to become a member.  You can donate using the PayPal button below or mail a check to: Friends of Starkweather Creek, PO Box 8442, Madison, WI  53708-8442

Annual membership fees: Cranefly Larva ($10) – Crayfish ($25) – Damselfly Nymph ($50) – Mayfly Nymph ($100)

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