5 Things you can do:

1. Join the Friends of Starkweather Creek. The more members we have the stronger community voice we have.

2. Keep your curb clean. Leaves and trash flow directly into the storm sewers, adding nutrients directly into streams and lakes. Consider composting to keep the terrace and streets free from leaves.

3. Keep your rain. Using rain barrels and rain gardens reduces runoff that now drains down driveways and streets, carrying oil and fertilizers in the lakes.

4. Help us clean up. We’ve pulled tons of garbage out of Starkweather Creek during our clean-up days. We’ve also started regular volunteer restoration days (email us to get on our volunteer list). It’s fun and feels good.

5. Talk to your neighbors and friends. Share your ideas about Starkweather Creek with them.

Rain Gardens:

They are landscaped areas planted with wild flowers and other native vegetation. They are designed to capture rain water from the roof of a house or building. The water slowly filters into the ground water after a rain event instead of heading directly into a storm drain.

Slowing down and filtering the water helps prevent runoff from washing pollutants into area lakes and streams, reduces local flooding, and recharges our local aquifers. Compared to a conventional patch of lawn, a rain garden allows about 30% more water to soak into the ground.

How to get involved:

Join the Friends of Starkweather Creek. Regular meetings are announced on our website and Facebook pages.. All interested parties are invited to attend. Members receive our on-line newsletter.

Participate in our events. We hold occasional events that include clean-ups, workdays, canoe tours, festivals, conferences, and outreach activities.

Like us on Facebook page. We post our activities and news on Facebook so “like” our page and stay in the know.

or read up on the creek, by visiting our website.

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