Inner and outer cleanup and exploration Sun. 11/4

Madison Parks will host a Flood Cleanup Challenge at eleven park shorelines Sunday 11/4 12 to 2pm.
I and Friends of Starkweather will be at the Olbrich site (meeting at beach house/bier garden opposite Walter St)…
needing much help (e.g. here, here and here).
If weather allows (and people desire), I will take cleanup volunteers up Starkweather Creek afterwards (providing canoes, fun and fulfillment)… and discuss alternative perspectives and possibilities re healing and honoring of people and place (including the flooding)… balancing physical and metaphysical. E.g… this inspiring FSC annual meeting presentation (long load time), this holistic/synergistic/serendipitous walk/talk/cleanup plus unorthodox perspectives and possibilities I posted to this Isthmus article re the flooding:

A small minority of inspired scientists believe that climate change is more impacted by long term cosmic and earth core cycles than by carbon emissions… and by human inner climate emissions (i.e. electromagnetic radiations due to thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs). Spiritual mystics, shamans and prophets have long spoken of this impact (in more spiritual language)… with some DEMONSTRATING this (e.g. Jesus calming storms).

Despite my two high honor degrees in science and engineering from two elite universities (UW-Madison and Stanford), I resonate with such minority views (with many mystical climate experiences building such confidence)… feeling more hope for humanity (and planet) through this (perhaps future science) than through today’s majority science views.

In other words, cleaning up our INNER climate (e.g. judgment, blame, punishment, arrogance, avoidance, self-righteousness, self-pity, self-indulgence) may be our greatest hope for cleaning up our OUTER climate (including social, political, economic, religious and health crises).

Carl Landsness
Friends of Starkweather Co-Chair
(and Starkweather native/invasive)
PS More about my perspectives here and here