Trash at the boat launch at Starkweather Creek

Continuing to steward Starkweather

To our Starkweather volunteer stewards,

In accordance with Madison Parks’ recommended volunteering activities, the Friends of Starkweather Creek Board would like to encourage you to continue to help our watershed. There is still lots of work to be done! 

The following volunteer efforts may be done solo or with members of your immediate household only. Volunteers will need to provide their own supplies, as the Friends of Starkweather Creek Board is not able to disinfect all tools properly in a timely manner or provide guidance on their proper use and safety. 

  1. Garlic Mustard Removal:
    Please see UW-Extension guidance for identification and removal (hand pulling only). The Starkweather Woods will soon be full of this flowering invasive. You can find the Starkweather Woods by walking directly west of the Carpenter-Ridgeway Park (1220 Carpenter Street). Please bag this invasive plant and dispose of the bag in the park trash receptacle. If you do not bag a flowering garlic mustard plant, it will seed out (even if pulled) and continue to spread.
  2. Starkweather Trash Pick-Up:
    The west branch of Starkweather Creek near East Washington Avenue has a particularly heavy litter problem. The Eken Park Neighborhood Association typically has a clean-up here, but this has been cancelled due to mass gathering restrictions. Any help would be greatly appreciated! The area in question starts at 2959 Commercial Avenue and continues south to 2998 Darbo Drive. Per Madison Parks guidance, do not come into direct contact with any trash (wear gloves). Use hand sanitizer when finished if possible and wash your hands when you return home. 

If you have any questions about these activities, please feel free to contact the Friends of Starkweather Creek.

Any help with these activities will be greatly appreciated! Please send us photos of your completed work and we will include them in our newsletter.

Stay well,
Jeff Steele
Friends of Starkweather Creek board member