FYI & FSC Cleanup and Paddle up Starkweather Creek

Goodness, FSC, & FYI did some action on the creek on Earthday; they got kids out in nature! Zack from FYI at The Goodman Community Center ensured kids and teens from four community centers got together and cleaned up trash along Olbrich beach. There was a well deserved paddle up Starkweather Creek. Some of the many community champions were, Marquis Mason from Kennedy Heights Commuity Center, Jeremy Bulman from Vera Court Community Center, Deborah, Howard, and Zack rounded out the Goodman Staff.

It was a holy shift in community action! This was about half of us during this shoot…the rest were up the creek! Our flotation best buds have come through for us again. Wingra boats supplied us with six canoes & Rutabaga with four canoes. We had treats from Madison Sourdough, who donated their wonderful croissants & a ton of coffee!

We loved working and be together on the creek with each and everyone of you. Non traditional professional go-getter Dave & Deborah got ya moving!…The action went as such; you got in, a life jacket and paddle were handed to you, and before you knew it, a push…and you were moving up the creek, with no direction…just a shout “Find your hearts passion!” Left, right, up down, it didn’t matter, you were going up the creek…and on you went!

Co-conspirator native Chicagoan Mama Bear, paddled two of her boats down lake Monona to ensure they would get some use. Some great kids from Vera Court were up for the challenge. It was their first paddle. A moment of amazement was seeing Dave put a little eight year old, in a single kayak, by himself…was this a mistake? It sure seemed like it, when the little one paddled and crashed landed a few times on the Olbrich side of the boat landing and wasn’t able to turn left or right…His friends, three of them, cruised on at high speed, to leave him seemingly behind. An hour and a half later,,,there was this green missile shooting down the creek, laser sharp…15 miles and hour…maybe 20! It was this same kid, with a big gleaming smile on his face…huffing and puffing he was moving so fast, an he blasted his friends out of the water with his new found skill!

There was only one dunking, and that was due to the flow with native son Carl’s bright and enchanting spirit on his birthday, nonetheless…he was outfitted without a paddle and went up the creek in the joy of the sun and the spirit of mother nature…to return to Mama Bear. With a big gleam in her eye, and Dave listening to the flow of the river, who seemed to be asking for their friend back to the water…up went the canoe! Splash!!! the canoe back over…Carl missing from it…laughter…here is your board members two dreamers and shenanigan artists Carl and Dave; sharing in a good cleansing laugh 🙂 Make sure to vote for this activist Mr Carl, for an upcoming Chair seat at our annual meeting coming up in October! No worries, these three know how to have a safe and fun time, the 60 degree water ensured, it was a quick event.

Anyway…we had some much fun, and so many more stories to tell! What an event! Great unity from our community and groups. Come out and ask us more about the fun we have.

We love working with you and the passions you share with us…and we especially enjoy sharing time with you. It is so great to see the difference all of us together are making…enthusiasm & all! 🙂