April Nature Canoe Outing

Another fun event. Thank you for everyone that came out. This wouldn’t have been possible with out the generous donation from Wingra boats, who donated six canoes for our use! Our good friend Billy, donated his time to get the canoes to us, four separate trips and a cleaned garage! And not to mention, all the other folks who lent a boat, a paddle, a life-jacket, or tried like all heck to squeeze a canoe into their car to our event!

“Squack, squack, squack.”
“Is that your shoes Ms Deborah?”
“They must be soaked?”
“That’s why I wore them…Wait!!! Is that Carl & Dave running down Atwood Avenue with a canoe and paddles!? Gosh…did they steal that canoe…just to make sure we got everyone on the creek!?”
“Here Ms Deborah…It’s the last canoe…”
“Wow!!!…nice running Dave!”
“I’m Don Quixote today! And I am going on this…the last of the canoes…with these fine young folks who waited so patiently!”
“Alright Carl….Enjoy!”

If you missed the event today, we had a whole lot of community unity to get forty-five people up the creek! It is for our monthly FUN event that we partner up with City parks, the Goodman Community Center and Friends of Starkweather creek. Kids from the Goodman Community Center’s after-school program joined along with people from all around the city. Some canoes had two people and some had four in them! It was a 70 degree mid-morning day, with a great bunch of folks to spend time with, on a paddle.

No one dumped their boat that we know of…and people were nice enough to pick up trash they found in, on, and around the banks. Some took a short ride, and some took a long one. To hold true to the name, we had a cursing good time! If you don’t know what happened to Ms Deborah’s shoes, and where the heck Carl & Dave took the canoe from…make sure to come out to our next adventure…and see what mischief you can get into with them!